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Homage to my father, who passed away from coronavirus

My father belonged to the generation who brought democracy back to Spain. Misplacing his faith in those advocating the virus was merely another strain of flu, he fell foul to its deadly charms, and passed away after only a few days of illness. While the most severe humanitarian and economic crisis in decades hounds Catalonia, this is his story.

« A previous article depicts the seduction of the public by politicians and mainstream opinion, indicating that there was no need for extra precautions to be taken, assuring us that we were under no particular risk. Now, more than 9.000 covid-19 deaths later within a matter of weeks, it is time to start telling their stories »

« My father belonged to the generation that brought democracy back to Spain »

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Photo by Duncan Kidd on Unsplash

« All of the thousands of casualties, like Agustí, had names and surnames, and every last one of them has a story to tell »

Visit the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center for more information about the official figures of covid-19 deadly casualties in Spain. Diari ARA keeps an own counter for Spain and Catalonia.



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Adam Casals

CEO, Senior Global Affairs Advisor, Author | Fmr Envoy of the Catalan Gov to Austria & Central Europe | Vienna · Geneva · Madrid · Barcelona |